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Creator: Glossary

Job Classes: The classes which were introduced by the guild with the power of the Overseer, although he can't directly do anything to this world he helps out by organizing powers which people could utilize in a system of jobs. Main Classes: Warrior Barbarian->Berserker->Gladiator Squire->Knight->Lord Knight Swashbuckler->Fencer->Duelist Lancer->Cavalier->Dragoon Knight Crusader->Paladin->Templar Mage Magus->Wizard/ess->Warlock Elementalist->Theurgist->Summoner Enchanter -> … Continue reading Creator: Glossary

Creator: Chapter 4 – Battles in the Forest & the Night Festival

Finishing up with the Adventurers Guild I headed toward the forest, it’s time to test out these abilities. While the Overseer said he gave me great power in this world, so far my stats are only raised a bit which others can get by leveling as for the skills there is only two. Create has … Continue reading Creator: Chapter 4 – Battles in the Forest & the Night Festival